Static Website

Static website are majorly beneficial for small businesses. A static website consist of basic HTML and css Pages. At Bizbee, We Offer static website design as per customized needs. We consider giving maximum of 10 pages in a static websites. There is always confusion between static vs dynamic, we at bizbee understand pros and cons of the both. Our team of sales person are trained enough to give you proper guidance in terms of selecting one. Benefits of creating static website


As these websites do not have any databases time to load the website is reduced. Mainly heavy websites are now a days transferring their websites from dynamic to static reason being page loading speed will directly impact while loading the static page.

Static website design company in Pune
Static website design company in Pune


Static website are price lower than the dynamic websites reason being the amount of work that needed to create a dynamic page is more than static webpage. As well as hosting required for static website is available at cheaper prices.


As the database is missing in the hosting the static websites are safer than dynamic website. Hacking techniques like Code injection is negligible for static website. Different API and dynamic java script are more prone to hacking those are also absent in static websites giving it a clear advantage against hacking.

Static website design company in Pune
Static website design company in Pune


In terms of page designing static website are very flexible as each page layout can be designed separately. Individual pages can be designed to have separate Styling. Changing layouts for dynamic pages can also be troublesome. While in static website can be customized easily.